Simply Natural Organic Farm
Dorrigo NSW

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Jade & Paul Woodhouse are Permaculturists and sustainable gardeners/farmers.

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We are starting from scratch again, from October 2005 creating Simply Natural Organic Farm, which aspires to genuine sustainability. Our small scale, intensive food production uses Jades 'wholearth' gardening method which nurture the soil, water and air.

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The Farm is being designed by Jade and Paul Woodhouse applying permaculture strategies and principles as we are undertaking our own journey of learning and discovery in this new temperate mountain climate. It is being managed using earthcare ethics, sustainable and regenerative practices, Biodynamic farming and wholearth gardening methods. Planetary healing is also being practiced.

This is a system of wholeness. Us with mother, working with nature, observing and following nature's needs. We have a complete commitment to wholistic, organic lifestyle practices. We practise ecological landuse and living. We are passionate about healing and caring for the earth.

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Jade and Paul Woodhouse
Simply Natural Organic Farm
174 Johnsens Road, Fernbrook Via Dorrigo, NSW 2453 Australia
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